- TIRED Of The Distractions, Lies, Procrastination, And Greed?

TIRED Of The Distractions, Lies, Procrastination, And Greed?

I’m sick – and – tired, and not going to take it, anymore! These, famous words, from the movie, Network, seem to be the attitude, and feelings, of many disgruntled Americans, today, who, after three years, under the administration of Donald Trump, are disgusted, concerned, upset, etc, and, feel, this isn’t normal, and not what our American Constitution, is supposed to represent! Are you, one of the hundreds of millions of Americans, who have had – enough, and are TIRED of the distractions, lies, prejudices/ lies, and degree of greed, and lack of service and representation, by so many of our public/ elected officials/ leaders? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and, why, we can’t afford, for it, to continue, in this direction/ manner/ way, much longer.

1. Timely; truthful/ trust; time – tested: From all reports, President Trump spends less time, and effort, focusing on professionally/ expert – prepared briefings/ reports, nor, has he studied, and learned from recent, and past history, nearly as much as his predecessors! Because of this, he seems to fail to fully consider the ramifications of his actions, and fails to gain the knowledge/ expertise/ judgment, and hopefully, wisdom, from time – tested lessons and events, etc! In addition, he often, spends so much time, blaming, complaining, and passing – the – buck, he often, as evidenced by his recent purported efforts, regarding the Coronavirus epidemic, doesn’t proceed, in a well – considered, timely manner! In addition, because he has often, appeared far less than truthful, many don’t trust his statements, ideas, and/ or, motivations!

2. Integrity; innovate; imagination; issues; ideas: Denying the issues, and, avoiding promoting viable ideas, etc, is a responsibility of a true leader! Since, so many doubt Trump’s integrity, and his ability to innovate, responsibly, relevantly, and in a sustainable manner, it becomes, even more challenging, to believe, he has the ability, willingness, knowledge, and/ or, imagination, to make a viable difference, for the better!

3. Relevant; responsive; realistic; responsible: How often have you wondered, of this President’s rhetoric, etc, is, merely, an attempt to distract, and avoid personal responsibility? We need relevant leaders, who look at issues, in a realistic, responsive, responsible manner, to lead us, forward, into the future!

4. Empathy; emphasis; excellence; evolving: Other than his strongest supporters, who really believes, Trump possesses the empathy, to truly, care about people, and their needs, priorities, and perceptions? This should direct our public leader’s emphasis, and, he must accept only his utmost degree of personal excellence, rather than, merely, good – enough! We live in an evolving world, and either, our nation and world, begins to adapt, and evolve, or will stop existing!

5. Delve deeply; determine; discover; deliver: Instead of playing, partisan politics, we need, and deserve public officials, who will delve deeply, and determine the best path, to follow! Only, when one proceeds, with an open – mind, will he be able to discover, what’s needed, and necessary, and deliver, what this nation, needs and deserves!

If you are like many others, you are probably, TIRED of the distractions, lies, procrastination, and greed, we witness these days! Wake up, America, demand better, and vote, based on abilities, strategies, plans, ideas, and integrity/ quality of character, instead of empty promises, and rhetoric!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands, conducted personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns, for 4 decades. Rich has written three books and thousands of articles. Website: and LIKE the Facebook page for common sense: