From a Christian point of view marriage is likened to the nature of Christ’s love for the church. This is to say that, marriage is a self-sacrificial relationship between couples, in which they both exhibit same Love Christ have for the church; towards each other. When it comes to sexuality and building a family Christians draws their conclusions and beliefs from the holy scriptures. Yes, sex is God’s special gift which is intended to strengthen couples bond in marriage, thereby; making them become one flesh. Also, mankind is able to partake in God’s ongoing work seen in Genesis 1:28; through indulgence and gratification of procreation.

Sex being a holy mystery and ritual, should be a concentual act between married couples. This implies that, each couple has the privilege to define certain sexual relationship or indulgence, that are peculiar to them; as long as their actions cause no harm.

Mutual consent brings about healthy sexual expressions in marriage, and couples are obligated to priortize each others needs, desires, feelings and preferences. Regarding this, couples are expected to understand wholly the physical and emotional aftermath of any suggested sexual activity. There should also be room for discussions and both partners are free to always say no, on any sexual activity they’re not comfortable with.

Love, trust, respect, humility and forbearance, are the hallmark of every human relationship; which should be inherent in marriage as well. Marital sex being part of a health relationship, shouldn’t be manipulated for any selfish pleasure. With all these in mind, under no circumstance should either partner be manipulated or pressured to engage in any sexual activity that they are not comfortable with.


Sex toys are part of marital aids, which helps enhance sexual pleassure, promotes intimacy and improve on relationship as well. Couples are advised to mutually decide on which sex toys they need for their sexual activities. The benefits of sex toys in marriage and sexual relationships abound. We have highlighted some of the benefits below:

sex toys increases intimacy and improves relationships.

Marriage is a long-term sexual relationship and as time passes, sexual pleasure and intimacy tends to fade. As married couples come together to deliberate on a marital aid or make decisions regarding the right sex toys to introduce in their sexual activities, their level of communication increases and this single act also ignites romance between them. There are varieties of sex toys in the sex store at which they can choose from, in order to ignite new excitement and pleasure in their bedroom. Couples shopping together for sex toys is also an opportunity for them to spend more quality time together, and this can as well serve as foreplay.

sex toy boosts your sexual performance and brings in sparks of sexual pleasure.

Couples sexual performance can get better with the use of sex toys. Sex toys allow you explore your bodies and various aspects of your sexuality safely, and this helps boost your confidence, increase your libido and stamina as well. As you may already know one of the major reasons why people purchase sex toys is to enjoy the sexual pleasure it brings to them as it allows you experience great sexual pleasure. While others may feel Intimidated buy sex toys, majority of those who has used sex toys for their sexual pleasure has testified of having their first epic orgasm. Now you know, why not head to our store and get the varieties of sex toys peculiar to you?

Tips On Sex Toys For Married Couples

When couples decides buying sex toys peculiar to them, it is pertinent that they make researches in order to understand and know more about the sex toys they are getting. Thanks to google which houses varieties of information. Coupled can do well to rely on google for their researches. Yes the internet makes it easier to make researches across various adult websites and make comparisons regarding sex toys of your choice. Shy couples can as well go online, shop for sex toys of their choice and get them delivered to their doorstep; thanks to technology!

Also, reading reviews are important online shopping guides; which many people tend to ignore. Reading reviews are important when shopping for sex toys online because, you’ll get to filter informations, compare various sex toys across the market, know the legitimacy of the web store and its products, in order not to be scammed by clone websites; especially when you are paying with your credit cards.

There are various sex toys in our store that married couples can use to enhance their sexual pleasure, and bring in more spark of excitement and intimacy to their bedroom. These pleasure toys ranges from, vibrators to dildos, strapons, cock rings, G-spot and prostate simulator, anal plugs, BDSM kits, etc

Vibrators: this variety of sex toys comes in different shapes and sizes. It can be in the form of a Finger Vibe, hands-free vibrator, clitoris massager/stimulators, bullet vibrator, dildos, G-spot and prostate stimulators, etc. Vibrators are used to to stimulate the prostate, the G-spot, the clitoris, and the vagina as a whole. Vibrators are also used for anal stimulations, for couples who enjoy anal sex. Vibrators enhances pleasure and gives you mind blowing orgasms.

Dildos and Strap-On: This variety of sex toys takes the shape of a penis. Some are realistic in nature while others are beautifully designed in different colors. Strap-On and Dildos are used for deep penetration and thrust, either in the vagina or anus; during sex. All kinds of couples can use Dildos and Strap-On if they wish.

Cock rings: This variety of sex toy is wrapped around the base of the penis and Strap-On during sex. It holds the penis erection longer, for a lasting pleasurable sex. Cock Rings pleasures both the penis and balls, sending sweet sentations all over the body. It’s vibrator also stimulates the clit during penetration.

Anal or Butt Plug: is used for anal stimulation and penetration during anal penetrative sex. Anal plugs are great choice of sex toy for couples who indulge in anal sex.

BDSM Kits: couples who enjoy or want to try kinky/bondage sex are advised to go for BDSM Kits. This kit comes with varities of toys used for kinky sex, that will give you the pleasurable moments you wish for.

It is advisable for married couples to get sex toys of their sizes, which they’ll be comfortable with. Now you know better, navigate across our web store and start shopping your desired sex toys!