Whether we like to admit it or not, being in a form of gratifying activity, especially the ones that can surely give us a squirming, screaming and toe-curling pleasure, is the greatest and healthiest form of feeling any human can find or indulge in. And what better way to achieve the above mentioned other than sex. Yes I repeat again, sex. Many of us have mostly been programmed by various sets of defunct cultural norms to shy away from sex or deny ourselves the right to feel and enjoy it. In fact for some, sex has become a sort of taboo to discuss or even consider despite its generally known importance in our lives. Though this is not saying that cultural norms and values should be discarded but there are some certain aspects of human biology that should not be neglected simply because of trying to follow a laid down set of rules that are applied wrongly, and hence do not help matters of pleasure that can help someone reduce mental and physical stress.

Sex is part and parcel of human well being and is an important physical activity that has been given less attention in the wrong way and too much attention at the inappropriate time. Sex is not the bad, sinful activity between two people as projected by some religion or culture but that is another discussion for another day. But the purpose of this is to bring the necessary awareness about sex and how to enjoy it the way it should between couples and consenting adults. Sex, apart from being enjoyable, is quite beneficial for our general health. Apart from it being a pleasurable activity, it greatly helps in burning excess fats and calories in our system. Also, sex is a good immune booster, stress reliever and a form of natural means of alleviating pain, especially mental and emotional ones. Confirmed research has proved that during a sexual activity, a chemical named oxytocin, and also dubbed as the “love hormone” is released by the brain. When experiencing that heavenly feeling known as orgasm, this chemical will be released from the brain alongside surges of natural pain-killing hormones known as endorphins. This means the area of the brain involved in pain reduction is highly activated during arousal and endorphins are released. Endorphins are especially good and suitable for soothing nerve impulses that cause menstrual cramps, migraines or joint pain. Oxytocin also affects the way we feel, thereby helping us form strong emotional bonds with our partners. Sex is also a very natural and easy means of making us more lively, vibrant, relaxed and fit due to its effect on the pulse rate of our hearts while enjoying it. Thus we can see that sex is a all-in-one physical activity that comes with a very good bargain of benefits while deriving pleasure from it.

But sexual activities have also evolved with human ideologies, societal development and technology. The last one, technology, is the main focus of this discussion due to its domineering influence on the way we indulge in sex today. Sex has now been tuned to cater for all and sundry with different sexual fetishes, fantasies and preferences. And this is where the use of sex toys come in.

Sex toys are those physical objects made for the sole purpose of helping to provide maximum pleasure in place of an actual intercourse. Though this does not mean that sex toys cannot be used during actual sexual intercourse. In fact sex toys are meant to help enhance our sexual lives and not the other way round. From the dildos, vibrators, clit massager, strap-ons, cock rings, whips, leather straps, nipple clamps, artificial vaginas, fleshlights, butt plugs and down to full figured sex dolls, it is all about what you want and how much you want that thing to give you the expected sexual climax and satisfaction you and your partner yearn for. And contrary to generally misguided beliefs, sex toys are forms of normal sexual pleasure enhancers and nothing is absolutely freaky about ordering one online or purchasing one at an adult store for use. We need to always understand that a person’s sex life is totally private and only answerable to that person. Therefore there should never be anything creepy or despicable in seeing an adult male or female getting a sex toy. And as mentioned earlier, sex is not just about penetration or lying on each other any longer, it is currently all about giving your personal self or your consenting partner as much orgasmic pleasure as possible because the activity, despite being the oldest known to man and nature, has evolved alongside all other human activities. This is because as science keeps discovering more and more about the human anatomy, then there would have to be adjustments made to cater for such discoveries so as to help improve human lives, general wellbeing and relationships . For instance, several men and women can not reach orgasm except there is an extra push or stimulation. This is not because they are abnormal or anything, but it is simply because they are expectedly wired differently from other people. Thus sex toys are made to cover those areas like extra clitoral stimulation, special vibrations to enhance genital feeling and pleasure, creation of more adventurous and enjoyable sexual positions and touches that would improve the sexual and emotional bond between couples, lovers and partners. For instance, dildos and vibrators have really helped lots of women to have quick and safe access to orgasms they must have find difficult to get from another person due to other issues. Men can also feel good sexually with their sex toys without any hassles. Sex toys also help people to fully know their sexual preferences and erogenous zones that would definitely help in building their relationships and sexual lives better with their partners. Thus the purpose of the sex toy is to properly achieve those benefits previously mentioned about sex. From the reduced risk of prostate cancer and mental pain in men to the relief from body pain and emotional stress in women, sex toys are good, safe and absolutely ethical means of creating a better, healthy living for you or your partner through good sex.

So if you have been thinking of getting that nice, beautiful vibrator or fleshlight but still entertaining doubts, never hesitate to do just that. This is because it is normal for you to want to enjoy sexual pleasure and there is totally nothing weird in getting one for yourself or your lover. Enjoy sex so as to ensure a healthy and happy life.