Based on the influence of media, modern social trends, the incessant promotion of ripped bodies in men and the worship of firm butts and breasts in women have given way to general beliefs of saying old age is simply the end. In fact some would confidently say that one’s life surely ends by the age of 50. But is there a real truth to that? Definitely a big NO. In fact it is a total myth that being 50 years will debar you from enjoying physical intimacies or sex. To be candid, seniors in their 60s, 70s and even 80s can still enjoy sex. Yes and there is nothing mind boggling or cringey about it because sex is an act that should definitely be enjoyed, and that good feeling should never be restricted by age at all. Though there are many biological changes that do occur in both men and women as old age approaches and it is common knowledge that the older one becomes, the more tired the body becomes, especially the sexual organs, except in some few cases of special genetic durability. But contrary to general misconceptions, the coming of old age does not necessarily signal the death knell for having sexual pleasure. In fact older adults can now enjoy sex as much as the younger ones. Remember that sex is strongly a thing of the mind as well as that of the physical. It is just a matter of having the right and positive perspective, getting the needed and relevant information and ensuring to continuously live healthy alongside everything. Thanks to the huge progress made by innovations and science all over the years, there are proven and simple therapies old adults can use to enjoy a truly good sexual life without any hassles. And that is where the use of sex toys comes in. Surprising eh? Sex toys are not specifically made for a particular gender, usage or age bracket. The truth is sex toys are very therapeutic if applied rightly and are as useful for old adults as well as young people. Concerning senior or older people, the application of sex toys is required under more caution and information. Even though it is well known that things like vagina dryness and reduced erection are one of the major sexual problems being faced at old age, yet the regular use of those sexual organs at that stage still helps in guarding against prostate cancer in men and helps make women to be limber and more sensitive around their vagina. But this doesn’t exclude caution for older people wanting to indulge in sex to still try and make sure to find out more about the uses of a toy and how to go about it before diving head in with the intention of emulating the young adults. After making sure to rightly get your needed sex toy, then all that is needed to stimulate your self properly is to go slow with it and don’t rush.

Masturbation is the best way to have instant sexual pleasure and relieve both for younger and older adults, more so the latter. This means you and your partner can either indulge in mutual stimulation or personal self pleasure depending on your choices. Sex toys have been recommended as the best go to for older adults in this case due to health safety and assured relief from sexual tensions without having to search for an eligible partner. This is because research has shown that older adults, especially the ones that have people about the same age mingling together in retirement communities or gatherings, have the very high tendency to indulge sexually with each other without condoms or any form of protection, and this has caused an alarming outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases (STDSs) among them. But recommending appropriate sex toys for oldies is not difficult and so here are some for the still horny grandpas and grandmas.Vibrators and Clit Massagers: As stated before, the coming of age tends to cause less use of the sexual organs but these kinds of sex toys are good alternatives for an older woman to achieve orgasm without the need to stress a tired or arthritic hand before sexual pleasure can be gained. There are many small, easy to handle ones out there with enough electric power to give a body shaking buzz and needed wetness for the vagina. Dildos: A good old favorite for plunging away into bliss without erection stress. An old male partner can as well give his old wife or female partner that previously elusive orgasm with this. But old couples should be careful in terms of selecting size because in situation size doesn’t matter at all, only the pleasure is. So the lovey-dovey grandpas and mas are sincerely advised to go for something small but still penetrating to do the job. Also vagina lubricant (water based) is very important to make the show flow smoothly. And it is good to remember to go slow while pleasuring a partner with this toy. Vibrating Fleshlights: These are especially good for the men due to the buzzing feeling they would create for an old man not having the will or power to stress those old, rickety bones in order to thrust forward for pleasure. All a ready grandpa needs to do is to properly lubricate his cock, insert it in and let the flashlight buzz the remaining job for him till orgasm is achieved, no need to stress the backbones at all.So all in all, sex toys are very good, safe and simple to use for oldies yearning to enjoy the elusive sexual release at that age. For any old adults that might be lost on how to go about enjoying a true sexual life, then these toys are good options. Also there are old adult sources having helpful guides and life tips on how to continue living happy and satisfied despite old age. Examples are: and a show known as bloom enjoy yourself.