- Has Life Changed Forever? 6 Considerations

Has Life Changed Forever? 6 Considerations

Very few of us, have ever experienced, and/ or, expected, anything, similar, to the disruptions, etc, of this pandemic! In addition to the horrific impacts, of serious illness, and deaths, the appropriate, public health approach, which is, significantly reducing contact with others, and staying home, except for necessary activities, also has significant effects. To many of us, 2020, is, certainly, a year, like no other one, with February, having 29 days, March, seeming to have 75 days, and April, seeming to be nearly endless! How will we bounce – back, from this period, and will it change, our future life, and way of existing, forever? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 relevant areas, which should be considered.

1. Emotional/ fear: The horrific number of people, affected by this pandemic, in terms of their health (and, for far too many, their lives), has also left, significant emotional scars, and the accompanying fears, etc. Once, the consensus is, it is safe to open our economy, again, how many might, never return to previous habits and behaviors? How will these emotions, continue to influence us, and will it be similar, in some ways, to depression – era individuals, who constantly, continued to hoard items, and worry, non – stop, about their personal financial security?

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2. Economic/ spending habits: Will most people, go back to their former spending habits, or will many, proceed, in a more conservative way, seeking to accumulate savings, and a personal safety – net? Will people return, comfortably, to taking mass transit, riding elevators, eating – out at restaurants? What will they buy, and what might become, less meaningful and attractive?

3. Voter apathy: Can we afford, a political system, where most voters, are so apathetic, they don’t even, bother, to vote? Will we wake – up, and, instead of voting, based on popularity, and emotion, make our decisions, focused on qualifications, abilities, service, experience/ relevant expertise, etc?

4. Personal investing changes: How might the fears and experience, of proceeding through these past months, affect how people, invest their funds, especially, regarding stock purchasing, etc? Will many shy – away, from, doing so, based on the recent degree of fluctuation, we have experienced?

5. Travel plans: How will travel, and tourism, be, influenced by going – through, these times? Will people, feel comfortable, in terms of taking airplanes, riding trains, staying in hotels, taking cruises, etc? How will the travel and entertainment, component of our economy, be forced, to revision, and respond, into the future?

6. Going out in public/ social distancing: Will people resort to previous habits, and behaviors, or will they, for the foreseeable future, abide by recommendations, to continue Social Distancing? Will they continue wearing face coverings, as people from many Asian nations, still do, after the SARS epidemic? How long will people, continue, avoiding, shaking hands, etc?

Will we change our attitudes, behavior, and attention, in order to be better prepared, and reduce ramifications, from future health concerns/ pandemics/ risks, etc? When will we ever learn?

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